How to Transfer a Gun in Minnesota

Heather and Steve

Here’s the thing; sometimes the gun laws can be complicated. You have to abide by all the levels of government regulation including national, state and local and it can get…

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Defensive Pistol League – Week 1

Defensive Pistol League 2022

We grabbed quite a few videos this week! There were a couple comments about videos being helpful so you can see where your areas of improvement are. Plus, who doesn’t…

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Defensive Pistol League Apparel Order

Defensive Pistol League Tshirt 2022 Black Frost

Share your love for Defensive Pistol League and look good doin it! This year we decided to do an apparel order including tshirts, hooded sweatshirts and 1/4 zip pullovers. Choose…

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July 2021 Ammo Preorder 9mm & 45acp

Patriot Defense Ammo

All the things you need to know… This pre-order option is for pickup only. You will have 7 days to pickup your ammo or make arrangements if you cannot get it…

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