Tim Herron Returns to Redwood Falls, MN

As the shooting season is quickly approaching, here at River Valley Arms & Ammo we’re getting phsyced up for another great year out at the range! One of the most highly anticipated times of the year for us is when Tim Herron joins us for a weekend filled with range time and awesome.

Who the f*** is Tim Herron?

Don’t google it because you’ll get Tim Herron the professional golfer… that’s not helpful. The Tim Herron we know and love is an amazing shooter and educator that miraculously brings improvement to every level of student he encounters. Whether you are new to shooting and want to make improvements to impress your friends at Defensive Pistol League or you’ve been shooting for awhile and have hit a plateau, Tim can help you get there.

According to Tim’s website, “Tim has been a Grand since 2014, has won numerous shooting titles, and continues to shoot enthusiastically, always pursuing improvement. Tim has been instructing since 2015, and loves working with people of all skill levels. His finely tuned eye for detail and personal “trial and error” experience gives him the ability to spot inefficiencies that many people overlook.”

Is this training worth it?

The training that’s being offered is not cheap and that’s because it provides a great value but don’t take our word for it! Hear from a few people who have taken the class before!

“Learning and developing my shooting skills with Tim was an excellent decision. As a less experienced shooter I was initially intimidated coming into class. Tim’s excellent teaching skills and extensive knowledge made me comfortable from the very beginning and I was surprised to see how all levels of experience could learn so much from this class. I was amazed at how much I improved in just a few days of class. I will definitely be looking forward to learning from Tim again in the future!

Becky Bruns, 2022 Student

New This Year

It is with great enthusiam that we’re welcoming Tim Herron back to Redwood Falls for another great weekend of training at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club.

Tim has been joining us annually for several years now and as such, we’ve figured out a plan to offer engaging new classes that will still cover the basics of the Tim Herron magic. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of training with Tim yet, you’ll still get the basics that we’ve been raving about for years. For those of you who have trained with Tim, this year will bring a fresh perspective and allow you to brush up on skills you’ve learned previously and grow to the next level.

Because of the amount of interest in the classes already, we’ve also adjusted the calendar setup of the classes. For the full experience, you’ll want to choose one of the One Day Match Clinic offerings and the One Day Diagnostics and Fundamentals. The One Day Match Clinic is being offered on Friday and Sunday. The One Day Diagnostics and Fundamentals course is being offered only on Saturday. 

How to Register

Add one or more of these courses to your cart and check out. You’ll be asked for a $50 deposit for each course. The remainder will be due the day of the class.