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Women's Heartbreaker Flannel Shirt

5.11 Women’s Heartbreaker Flannel Shirt

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Women's Raven Range Capri

5.11 Women’s Raven Range Capri

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Women's Wyldcat Pant- Long

5.11 Women’s Wyldcat Pant- Long

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Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that some company should slap some pink on a gun and call it a women’s product. Here at RVAA there are women and men working behind the counters to help you find the right tools to fit you, regardless of your gender.

The women’s products we carry here at River Valley Arms & Ammo are here because we’ve tested them. How it works is that we bring a product in for our friends and ourselves to put to the test. After a trial period, everyone reports back on what they liked and what they didn’t like about the product we tried as well as their recommendation on whether or not we should carry it in our store. That’s how we know in which types of situations and for what types of people these products will work.

What we carry on our shelves is a reflection of practical, functional, reasonably priced products for real women. If you have questions on any of these products and how they might work for you, stop in or give us a call. In our store, you are also allowed (and encouraged) to try on products to get a better idea of how it fits for you!