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Most Popular Courses

These courses are the most popular courses at River Valley Arms & Ammo.

Get your training in the safe use of a pistol requirement satisfied by taking the MN Permit to Carry course from the certified instructors at RVAA. The Minnesota Permit to Carry course is offered at least once a month and additional classes may be scheduled upon request.

Ready to heighten your defensive handgun skills? Ensure that you’re developing good habits by learning drills you can take home from the best. The Intro to Defensive Handgun course is a blast! It’s an all range course that’s sure to teach you a thing or two!

Women Only Weekend is a great opportunity to learn about long guns, handguns, personal defense and the Minnesota Permit to Carry laws all in one weekend! This series of classes offers ladies a comfortable environment to learn how to safely handle firearms and take their defensive skills to the next level.

Book a Private Course

Any RVAA course is offered as a private course for no additional cost -- we just have a few requirements. Private classes are offered for groups of four or more students. Classes are offered at River Valley Arms & Ammo or on location (there may be a travel fee if we have to stay overnight or go more than an hour from Morton, MN). Contact us to schedule your class!

River Valley Arms & Ammo Courses

These courses were developed by the experienced instructors at River Valley Arms & Ammo to offer students versatile firearm knowledge.

Firearm Fundamentals was designed with the beginner in mind. This course is great for folks who have had little experience in recent years with firearms. Whether it’s simply been awhile since you’ve taken to the range or you’ve never touched a firearm in your life, this course covers the fundamentals of safety and handling.

Intro to Personal Defense is offered during Women Only Weekend and does not require a firearm. It’s a great course for those going off to college or for those interested in learning more about situational awareness.

If you’re interested in getting involved in competition shooting, the High Power Rifle Clinic is the perfect course for you. Instructor Larry Weidell shares his vast knowledge of high power rifle shooting to give you the competitive edge.

Women Only Weekend was created to allow for a comfortable environment for ladies to learn more about firearms. From those who have never touched a gun to ladies that shoot every week, there’s something for every level during this weekend of courses for women only.

Looking to move your defensive handgun skills to the next level? Intro to Defensive Handgun is the right course for you. This all-range course is perfect for the shooter looking to learn a few new drills to hone in their skills.

NRA Courses

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is an organization with a long standing history of advocating for our second amendment rights. In addition to their advocacy, they are a leader in the industry in regards to firearms training. River Valley Arms & Ammo is proud to have a number of instructors who are members of the NRA as well as NRA Certified Instructors.


Our Training Philosophy

My Dad taught me an appreciation and respect for firearms for as long as I can remember.  Not everyone has that.  He taught me that there are few things better than a crisp, fall morning, the silence of the woods, and the crack of a twig.  There are few things better than the smell of gunpowder on a sunny afternoon at the range with your buddies.  There are few things better than knowing that you can protect your loved ones with judicious accuracy.

This is the feeling that we want everyone to have a chance to experience.

This is why we are offering training through River Valley Arms & Ammo.


RVAA Instructors

The River Valley Arms & Ammo instructors are a great group of people who love to share their passion for firearms. Click on their images below to learn more about our instructors!

Bob Okins

Bob Okins

Alison Schroeder

Alison Schroeder