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About Heather

About Heather

View More:  I’m Heather.  I’m an owner here at River Valley Arms & Ammo and yes, I’m a woman.  Yes, I like guns.  I’ve always been interested in firearms.  My brother and I grew up around them.  Heck, we grew up watching Eddie the Eagle!

There’s one issue with being a woman who likes firearms, there’s not a lot of products and services out there that are designed to work well for women.  This has become my mission.  I want to make sure that at River Valley Arms & Ammo, women have access locally to products and services that make being a sportswoman even more fun.  Equipment that fits.  Training that’s comfortable.

I’m a NRA Certified Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Minnesota DNR Firearm Safety Instructor and a MN Permit to Carry Instructor.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, or you just want to share the passion for firearms.
701-388-8659 cell