River Valley Arms & Ammo in Morton, Minnesota is a retailer of firearms, ammunition, accessories and training.

Who We Are

We like guns, shooting sports, hunting and personal defense. At River Valley Arms & Ammo, we're constantly learning and evolving to bring in new products that help us better enjoy the outdoors and keep our loved ones safe.

We carry a variety of new and used rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, pistols and revolvers. We buy, sell, trade and consign firearms too!

Our History

River Valley Arms & Ammo was started in 2013 as a family-owned and operated business. When Steve retired at the end of 2023, the business changed ownership slightly bringing two new owners into the structure allowing for an expansion of product lines while still maintaining an inventory of the value-added products the shop has always been known for.

Marcel Krueger, Becky Bruns and Heather Koffler; River Valley Arms & Ammo owners

Business is more fun when you do it with your people. River Valley Arms & Ammo is now owned by long time friends Marcel Krueger, Becky Bruns and Heather Koffler.

Marcel has a professional background in EMS, law enforcement and firearms training. He's been a permit to carry instructor with River Valley Arms & Ammo almost since the beginning. Learn more about Marcel's background here.

Becky has a professional background in agriculture and business. She brings a new found passion for firearms with her to River Valley Arms & Ammo and is passionate about helping others find joy in firearms as well. Learn more about Becky's background here.

Heather has a professional background in marketing and business. She enjoys hunting and is also a trainer with RVAA. She, her dad and her brother founded River Valley Arms & Ammo in 2013. Learn more about Heather's background here.