Meet the New Owners

As many of you joined in our celebration of Steve’s retirement, you had the opportunity to meet the new (and maybe not so new) faces of River Valley Arms and Ammo.

The Short Version

Steve has now officially retired but you'll still see him around the shop. He tried to give back his keys and we told him absolutely not - so he'll be around. Heather and Zach will still be in ownership but since Zach lives in Mississippi, he'll continue to be more of the strong silent type of business partner. Entering the RVAA ownership game is Becky Bruns and Marcel Krueger. Welcome to the chaos, guys!

Changing of the Guard

Meet Heather

Heather Koffler is part of the OG team, as some might say. Her, her dad and her brother started River Valley Arms and Ammo back in 2013 and the rest? Well the rest, lands us on how we’re kicking off our 11th year. Heather is linking arms with two more co-owners and to allow for Dad to retire for hunting and vacationing with his wife, Joyce.

How’d Heather Get Into Guns

My passion for firearms, personal defense and 2A rights started when I was growing up in the river valley. My dad gave me the firearm sickness so I’d never have any money to do anything really naughty with. I harvested my first deer when I was 12 behind my parents house and have been hooked ever since. 

Favorite Gun and Why

… all the guns? That’s a good answer, right? Ok, let’s be honest, there’s guns I don’t care for but that doesn’t mean that they still aren’t the right fit for someone else… I don’t know how to choose my favorite. I can tell you my favorites in categories but I don’t think there’s an overall winner. Guess I’ll just have to keep adding to the collection until I find it. 

Favorite Event River Valley Arms and Ammo Hosts/Helps With

I’m going to give a top three… I know it’s cheating but I can’t help myself. And, I’m not going to number them either because they’re all tied.

  • Demo Shoot
  • Tim Herron Class
  • Women Only Weekend
Heather Koffler, RVAA Owner

Meet Becky

With the start of 2024, Becky and Marcel joined the team. But who are they and what made the RVVA team decide they were worthy enough of joining the ownership club?

How’d Becky Get Into Guns 

Guns started out as a fear of mine and in 2019 I decided I was done being scared and I wanted to conquer that fear. I teamed up with Heather to do that and ended up loving them! 

Anyways Favorite Gun and Why 

Ummmmm, I’m going to say my Sig Sauer Legion 320 because it’s something special I bought for myself which is something I rarely do.

Favorite Event River Valley Arms and Ammo Hosts/Helps With

Women Only Weekend. It’s where I started my learning and now I have a chance to help other women learn and develop a love of firearms. 

Becky Bruns, RVAA Owner

Meet Marcel

Lastly, but certainly not least is our newest co-owner Marcel. Marcel comes with quite the background.

How’d Marcel Get Into Guns 

My interest started with target shooting and hunting with his dad while growing up. My interest grew during my time in law enforcement, where I started my instructor career. I have continued to teach and attends training frequently. 

Favorite Gun and Why

What?!?! How is a person supposed to pick just one?  All guns have their purpose and place in life.

Favorite Event River Valley Arms and Ammo Hosts/Helps With

My favorite event is our annual training week with Tim Herron Shooting. Training, learning and hanging out with others that want to better themselves is a blast. 

Marcel Krueger, RVAA Owner

Meet Zach

Zach is a part of the OG crew too and remains a silent partner. Zach and Heather are siblings and started the gun shop with their dad, Steve, in 2013. Zach now lives out of state so it's not that he doesn't WANT to play with guns all day long every day but it just makes it a little more challenging when you have to drive 19 hours to get to the gun shop. But, he's still an owner because who wouldn't want to say they own a gun shop, right? 

Favorite Gun and Why

Boy, I have to think about that. It would probably have to be a Smith & Wesson 340PD; j frame Smith & Wesson. I like it because of it's concealability and lightweight. You can carry it in multiple positions with any wardrobe which means you don't ever have to leave home without it. It makes you feel all safe and warm and fuzzy inside. 

RVAA Owner, Zach Anderson

Preview of Additional Changes to the Gun Shop

No magician reveals all the tricks up his sleeve and we by no means want to give away the secret plans we have in store… but we can give a teaser… in 2024 we’re looking at exploring a lot of new product lines including silencers. If you have ideas on other items we should bring in store, shoot us a message!

Oh and our hours are adjusting. For those that ACTUALLY look up our hours before thinking that we are at the gun shop 24/7 (PS friends, we are indeed not here at all hours). Our new hours are as follows:

  • Wed - Fri 9-6
  • Sat 10-5
  • Sun 11-4
  • Mon - Tues By Appointment