It was a great first run! Thanks so much for your grace in allowing this to be a learning process for all of us.

We had a great time last night revisiting all the stages from Season 1 and celebrating our inaugural season. We’re gearing up for Season 2 and would love your participation and input.

Overall Scores

Below are the final scores for Season 1. These were ranked by overall adjusted time from all weeks. If you did not shoot all four weeks, you’re not in the regular rankings. Your score will still be listed below the regular rankings and will also show which week(s) you missed.

  Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4  
 NameTotalTotalTotalTotal Total
1Zach A.35.9959.7152.4240.24 188.36
2Justin M.39.1682.9848.6338.2 208.97
3Mitch Z.52.3794.0955.151.36 252.92
4Ryan B.64.3290.7858.7640.2 254.06
5Curtis T.68.54112.450.7858.19 289.87
6Jason J.66.06121.461.7646.53 295.78
7Marcel K.56.19112.663.9382.89 315.63
8Jason H.69.22120.773.4958.71 322.11
9Steve A.76.89117.469.3161.48 325.07
10Larry W.68.98101.479.8875.65 325.93
11Wade H.79.66116.471.0965.57 332.72
12Chris Disanto72.12126.671.8664.55 335.17
13Gene B. 68.99127.293.6160.2 350.01
14Russ P.82.84150.873.3363.88 370.89
15Amy C.86.69186.893.6668.98 436.13
16Paul F.113.98171.993.9360.6 440.39
17Steve W.86.42158.6131.168.8 444.95
18Heather K.91.59156.212790.58 465.37
19Rae F.109.12289.7136.7113.5 649.01
20George M. 196.41269.7190.7170.4 827.20
21John H.49.13109.673.37 232.06
22Nick W.86.49190.7123 400.17
23Rich C.58.9053.88 112.78
24Kyle S.71.1487.2 158.34
25Ross A.121.258.62 179.85
26Earl P.70.95117.2 188.14
27Chris Dunsmore72.13125.9 198.06
28Tom W.85.40113.7 199.05
29Brad P.52.48 52.48
30Pete W.64.70 64.70
31Josh D.69.24 69.24
32Jason N.75.12 75.12
33Wilbert W.156.4 156.42
34Dale C.176.6 176.55
35Heather  J.132.67290.7    

Individual Scores

You can review your individual scores by looking back at previous Defensive Pistol League blogs or download the Excel spreadsheet with all the details. The Excel spreadsheet has tabs along the bottom that split out each week’s shoot.