The final week is upon us! Below are the scores from week 4. Watch for season totals to come shortly!

Grill Out/Make-up Shoot

Please join us for a grill out/make-up shoot on Tuesday, July 9th at our normal shooting time. Schedule will be tight for those who need to make up so if you’re making up from the first week, please be ready to shoot at 6pm sharp!

We’re grillin’! We’ll have dogs and burgers and whatever else there available for a free-will donation. We’re giving away some prizes and drawings for Defensive Pistol Leaguers too! Even if you’re not shooting a make-up, come out and join us!

2019 Season 2

Based on your feedback, we’re also going to have a second season this summer of Defensive Pistol League! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 30th at 6pm for the first shoot of the second season.

Rules will stay the same for season two. We’ll still shoot every other week – shoot dates are as follows: July 30th, August 13th, August 27th and September 10th.

Just a reminder, you can register online here or pay the night of. Fees are changing slightly and are as follows for season two:

  • $15 per night
  • $50 for the whole season (non-members)
  • $40 for the whole season (members)

Week 4 Scores

   Stage 1  Stage 2   
 NameTimePenaltyScoreTimePenaltyScore Total
1Justin M.12.091022.0913.11316.11 38.20
2Ryan B. 15.21823.2113.99316.99 40.20
3Jason J.14.721024.7212.81921.81 46.53
4Rich C.18.07422.0718.811331.81 53.88
5Curt T. 17.441229.4419.75928.75 58.19
6Jason H.21.271435.2715.44823.44 58.71
7Gene B.15.74924.7413.462235.46 60.20
8Paul F.15.101833.1018.50927.50 60.60
9Steve A.25.661338.6620.82222.82 61.48
10Russ P.25.23631.2325.65732.65 63.88
11Chris Disanto17.252037.2513.301427.30 64.55
12Steve W.15.061631.0617.742037.74 68.80
13Amy C.22.311032.3126.671036.67 68.98
14John H. 14.441630.4433.93942.93 73.37
15Jason N.19.471534.4727.651340.65 75.12
16Larry W.14.933246.9314.721428.72 75.65
17Marcel K.15.883045.8814.012337.01 82.89
18Heather K. 18.893654.8921.691435.69 90.58
19Rae F.53.72962.7239.741150.74 113.46
20Earl P.28.573462.5737.621754.62 117.19
21George M. 41.714081.7154.703488.70 170.41