Selfie from the Stand 2018

Share your Selfies from the Stand from November 3rd, 2018 through November 11th, 2018 for your chance to win!

Oh yeah! Nothin’ better then that smell of a crisp autumn morning on opener! This time of year is what we live for! The crunch of the leaves, the beautiful Minnesota sunrises (and sunsets) and the quickening of your heartbeat when the big one steps into view. 

We wanted to do something fun and give you a chance to win something, even if you don’t bag that big buck this year (after all, Buford is a pretty wise creature). That’s why we’re kicking off the Selfies from the Stand contest again!

Just post a selfie to our Facebook page from your deer stand (or blind) anytime during November 3rd through November 11th, 2018 and you’ll have a shot at winning a sweet RVAA prize pack!

Good luck and happy hunting!