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What do I need to buy a gun?

What do I need to buy a gun?

We get this question a lot at River Valley Arms & Ammo – What do I need to buy a gun? Here are the basics around purchasing a firearm in the state of Minnesota.

Whether your buying your first gun or it’s your first time buying from a gun shop, you’ll need a few extra pieces of information depending on what type of firearm you’re looking to purchase. The state and federal government have various requirements depending on whether you’re purchasing handguns, long guns, or AR platform firearms.

You’ll Need a Driver’s License or Other Photo ID

First thing’s first. For the purchase of any firearm, you’ll need a photo identification which is typically your driver’s license. The gun shop you’re purchasing the firearm from will need to take information off of this to finish filling out the background check they are required to run. Many places take a photocopy of your driver’s license during this process.

You May Need A Permit to Purchase or Permit to Carry

If you’re purchasing a shotgun or a rifle that has a solid receiver (not an AR style rifle), then you do not need a permit to purchase or a permit to carry. If you’re looking to purchase a handgun or an AR style firearm, you’ll need a permit to purchase or a permit to carry in addition to your driver’s license.

The Paperwork

In addition to your identification and possibly a permit, you’ll need to fill out “the paperwork”. “The paperwork” is a federal form that allows the gun shop to run a FBI NICS check on you… aka a background check. As a purchaser, you just have to fill out the first page of information so it’s not too intimidating!

As always, if you have any questions on what you need to buy a firearm, you can certainly contact us at River Valley Arms & Ammo!