River Valley Arms & Ammo Celebrates 10 Years in Business

At River Valley Arms & Ammo (RVAA), we are believers in the Second Amendment, avid hunters and sportsmen and personal protection. We are proud to be a family owned business located in the beautiful, small community of Morton, MN. RVAA is a firearms, ammunition, accessories and training retailer.

Where We Came From

River Valley Arms & Ammo was created by Steve (Dad), Zach and Heather in January of 2013. After mounds of paperwork and applications, we received our FFL (Federal Firearms License) and made our first order. Our first shipment of firearms was delivered in April of 2013 to Mom & Dad’s house… yes, we started off selling guns out of Mom & Dad’s living room in Redwood Falls, MN.

In 2014 we purchased the building we’re now in from the City of Morton. We set up shop in the lower level of the building for approximately a year and then expanded and moved business to the upper level, nearly doubling our retail space in size.

Since then, we’ve continued to grow and update our selection of products to include tools to help people defend themselves, hunt, compete and just have a good time!

Celebrating 10 Years

The celebration is just starting and we’re kicking it off with a limited edition line of apparel! We’ve all been sporting the same awesome apparel from 2013 so it’s time to have a reason to update. 🙂 And, of course, since we’re all divas here at River Valley Arms & Ammo, not just any ole sweatshirt will do. That’s why we approached one of the best artists in the area and asked them to help us come up with something badass.

We certainly plan to celebrate in more ways throughout the year! …there might even be a possibility of bringing back a certain event where you can try a variety of guns out…

The Artist Behind the Design

Tim Palmer is the owner and tattoo artist at Palmers Tattoo in Marshall, MN. Several of us at River Valley Arms & Ammo have trusted him to put ink on our bodies and cannot say enough positive things about the amazing work that he does so it seemed perfectly logical to approach him to make something badass for us to celebrate with.

We went to Tim with an idea and he brought it to life perfectly. We’re proud to unveil the design he created to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

Tim Palmer, owner and tattoo artist at Palmers Tattoo in Marshall, MN

See more of his work and get in touch with him here:

10 Year Limited Edition Anniversary Apparel

We invite you in to our store once again to help us celebrate! Thank you for being there over the years and sharing the love of firearms, 2A and more with us!

Check out some of the limited edition apparel below!