A big thank you to everyone who supported this local non-profit in their mission to support conservation and support our hunting heritage! Without further adiu, here are the lucky winners of guns in December!

DateGunWinning NumberName
12/2/20Smith & Wesson E Series 1911 5″ 451409Laurel Helget
12/4/20Maverick 88 12ga612Brandon Bootsma
12/7/20Browning BPS Stalker 12ga815Tony Dick
12/9/20Ruger 10/22 Black Syn 22lr159George Koenig
12/11/20Savage 93R17-SR 17HMR1256Harley Branstad
12/14/20Ruger 10/22 Hardwood 22lr2434John Peterson
12/16/20Rock Island Armory M5 12ga79Adam Vogel
12/18/20NAA 22MSC 22MAG/LR455Pat Moriarty
12/21/20Remington 870 20ga773Kevin Wenisch
12/23/20Tristar Cobra II Max 5 20ga274Abe Krueger
12/25/20Ruger MKIV 22/45 102Jesse Kremin
12/28/20TC Impact Camo Weathershield441Tim Birkemeyer
12/30/20Winchester SXP 12ga511Cody Berkner


Congratulations to our December winners! Please be sure to contact River Valley Arms & Ammo within 30 days to arrange for pickup.