It was a gorgeous kick off for Season 2 of the Defensive Pistol League at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club! We’re getting our lives together a little more and learning what NOT to do to make things go smoothly so THANK YOU to all of you who have been patient and provided feedback!

Stage 1

Stage 1 consisted of a start in box one with a water bottle in your non-dominant hand. You can decide what to do with it from there; drop it, carry it, whatever. Then you’ll engage the first target with 3 rounds wherever you choose to place them on target (body or head). Then you’ll move to the second box and engage each of the three targets in front of you with three rounds each wherever you choose to place them on target and then engage the final target with two rounds to the head. This course of fire is a total of 14 rounds and no mag change was required.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consisted of 21 round minimum scoring the best two shots on each target. Start at the starting line and move up to the firing line engaging each of the four targets with three rounds. Then move to the second shooting box and engage each of the three targets with at least three rounds. No mag change is required.


Zach A.10.84212.8414.70014.7027.54
Ryan B.12.75416.7518.84119.8436.59
Jason J.13.13720.1317.57522.5742.70
Jason H.17.58118.5816.16925.1643.74
Justin M.13.021124.0220.71020.7144.73
Mitch Z.13.771023.7718.76321.7645.53
Marcel K.12.491426.4922.16224.1650.65
Curt T.21.86425.8628.46028.4654.32
Brandy K.17.77926.7710.731929.7356.50
Steve A. 16.631127.6322.35729.3556.98
Wade H.18.24927.2431.92233.9261.16
Russ P.17.301734.3031.81738.8173.11
Steve W.28.391038.3935.84338.8477.23
Tom E.25.161136.1639.17746.1782.33
Damon D.20.681232.6837.811249.8182.49
Rae F.35.19237.1950.63151.6388.82
Heather K.26.814167.8127.08734.08101.89
Paul F.27.231845.2344.051761.05106.28
Ashley K.52.5650102.5621.072647.07149.63
George M. 71.802394.80113.6017130.60225.40