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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Carry Gun

Choosing your first carry gun is a tough decision. There are so many factors to consider and everybody’s different! We’ll run through some of the decisions you’ll have to make when choosing your first firearm for personal protection but just remember, it’s always best to come in and see us to experience the options and […]

How to Buy Your First Handgun in Minnesota

Buying your first gun is exciting but it can be intimidating.  Here are a few things to consider when you’re a first time firearm purchaser looking at getting a handgun in Minnesota.   Purpose Decisions, decisions, decisions. There are so many different options when choosing a firearm that works well for you but there are a […]

Rules of Firearm Safety

Anytime we deal with firearms we’re talking about safety. Safety is very important in the firearms industry and very important to us. There’s a reason that some people refer to firearms as weapons and that’s because they can be dangerous if they’re misused. That’s why we have the safety rules, that’s why we preach the […]

Support Your Local Sportsman’s Club

Like almost all things, to be great (or even proficient) at something requires practice.  When it comes to firearms, there are many factors in choosing or creating a practice space. At River Valley Arms & Ammo, we love supporting responsible firearm owners.  Part of being a responsible firearm owner is supporting gun-owner rights and being proficient […]