Shop Small with River Valley Arms & Ammo this Holiday Season

By Heather Koffler | November 17, 2021

It’s that magical time of year where we have an even bigger excuse to treat ourselves and give AWESOME gifts to the folks that we love. Even though product is…

Patriot Defense Ammo

July 2021 Ammo Preorder 9mm & 45acp

By Heather Koffler | June 24, 2021

All the things you need to know… This pre-order option is for pickup only. You will have 7 days to pickup your ammo or make arrangements if you cannot get it…


What should I get my dad for Father’s Day?

By Heather Koffler | June 6, 2021

Good dads deserve great Father’s Day gifts, right? But sometimes it’s super challenging to find dad something that he will really enjoy without breaking the bank. Here’s a few ideas…

1 June 2021 Defensive Pistol League Scores

By Heather Koffler | June 4, 2021

Stage 1 Scores Shooter Stage 5 Name Division Raw PD P Fin Diff Weidell, Larry CDP 15.19 0 0 15.19 Win Haberman, John CDP 18.34 0 0 18.34 3.15 Schmoll,…


18 May 2021 Defensive Pistol Scores

By Heather Koffler | May 19, 2021

Stage 1 Shooter Stage 3 Name Division Raw PD P Fin Diff Morin, JT CDP 12.50 0 0 12.50 Win Roiger, John CDP 11.62 4 0 15.62 3.12 Zollner, Mike…

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4 May 2021 Defensive Pistol League Scores

By Heather Koffler | May 5, 2021

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood to officially kick of the 2021 season for Defensive Pistol League at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club! Great to see lots of…

Patriot Defense Ammo

May 2021 Ammo Preorder: 9mm & 5.56 NATO

By Heather Koffler | April 22, 2021

Ohmygosh… we’ve got a pallet of ammo coming! AND you can pre-order what you want and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up as soon as the pallet…

2020 Defensive Pistol League

2021 Defensive Pistol League

By Heather Koffler | March 3, 2021

We’re gearing up for Defensive Pistol League at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club! We’ve all been couped up for WAAAAAY too long and even though ammo is in short supply…

December 2020 Cottonwood River Gobblers Gun Calendar Winners

By Heather Koffler | December 1, 2020

A big thank you to everyone who supported this local non-profit in their mission to support conservation and support our hunting heritage! Without further adiu, here are the lucky winners…

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Deals!

By Heather Koffler | November 26, 2020

2020 has been a hell of a year. The firearms industry has blown up at the end of 2020 and we’re doing everything we can to keep the items you…