What should I get my dad for Father’s Day?

Good dads deserve great Father’s Day gifts, right? But sometimes it’s super challenging to find dad something that he will really enjoy without breaking the bank. Here’s a few ideas for gifts for the gun-loving dad on your list!

Top 5 Gifts for Father’s Day

  1. Ammo – just kidding, you can’t find any.

I know, it stings a little when we call attention to it but even though a guy can scrape up some ammo here and there, odds of finding a good selection of ammunition in the caliber, manufacturer, grain, etc that dad actually wants are pretty slim. BUT, never say never! Keep checking the shelves and grab what you can where you can because shooting is fun!

Now for the real list

1. Rusteprufe Applicator Wipe & Solvent Oil

We love these little Rusteprufe Applicator Wipes & Solvent Oil! My dad, Steve, bought one of these little guys at a gun show eons ago… don’t tell him I told you he was that old… and we JUST retired it after using it for literally decades. We used it at the gun shop here for quite awhile too and that’s what wore it out. These babies make guns look like new and keep them protected from one of the two biggest enemies (rust and politicians). And the best part, they won’t break the bank. We ship these little guys all over the country so let us know if you need some!

2. Fresh RVAA Gear

You know dad’s wearing out that RVAA gear you got him from Christmas so freshen up his wardrob a bit and pick him up some of our new RVAA tshirts and hats!


Caffiene is a staple of survival for most fathers. Might as well make the consumption enjoyable! Pick up some Black Rifle Coffee in store from River Valley Arms & Ammo and quickly become dad’s favorite. 🙂

We stock the following Black Rifle Coffee Company items in store (and probably a few others we’ve forgotten to mention) so feel free to swing by and pick some up!

  • JB – Just Black
  • Freedom Roast
  • Blackbeard’s Delight
  • JD – Just Decaf
  • GS – Gunship
  • MO – Murdered Out
  • Coffee Or Die
  • SS – Silencer Smooth
  • Freedom Fuel
  • Hazelnut
  • Vanilla
  • CAF
  • AK Espresso
  • Five Alarm
  • Thin Blue Line
  • Flying Elk Coffee
  • JB Cold Brew
  • A variety of KCups

BlastCloud Targets

Everybody likes things that explode, right? How about picking up dad some non-explosive exploding targets?! I know it sounds weird but they’re actually pretty neat and they’re environmentally safe. They come in a wide variety of colors as well! Stop by the store to check for colors and availability.

Big Bill Wool Hunting Bibs

I realize that June isn’t exactly the time that everyone is thinking about warm hunting gear but hear me out… these are a screamin deal! Big Bill is a company that manufacturers quality clothing in the US and Canada that’s designed for people who do stuff… for real. We’ve been searching for wool hunting gear that won’t break the bank for awhile now and finally found a company that matches the quality and pricing we’re looking for.

Wool is the perfect fabric for hunters because it’s warm, light, breathable and wicks moisture. These hunting bibs are great for bird hunters and come in hemable sizes. Stop by and check them out for yourselves!