We’re gearing up for Defensive Pistol League at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club! We’ve all been couped up for WAAAAAY too long and even though ammo is in short supply world-wide, we’re going to carry on and continue to have fun shooting anyway.

Season Details

This season will be similar to the last. Survey questions were posted up on Facebook to get an idea of what the league members were looking to do with this year in terms of round count, weekend shoots and more. Thank you to those who responded and shared thoughts. Here’s what we’re doing for this year.

Round Count

We’ll have an average of 15 rounds per stage. Some stages we’ll shoot more. Some stages we’ll shoot less. But, you can plan on an average of 15 rounds per stage.


This year’s season will run every other Tuesday starting May 4th and running through August 24th. Registration will start at 5:30pm on the handgun ranges at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club. First shots will be at 6pm.

May 4May 18
June 1June 15
June 29July 13
July 27August 10
August 24September 7
2021 Defensive Pistol League Shoots

Orientation/Warm Up Shoot

We’ll have an orientation/warm up shoot with one stage with a maximum of 12 rounds on April 27th, 2021 starting at 6pm at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club pistol range.

This is a great opportunity to learn rules and procedures. New shooters are welcome. No registration needed for the warm up – just show up at 6pm!


The season will consist of 10 weeks. The worst two scores will be dropped.

Scores will be kept by both PractiScore and written score card for the first few nights.

Weekend Shoots

Weekend shoot dates will be July 10th and August 14th. Mark your calendars now!


If you want to shoot league but you haven’t been able to find enough ammo, let us know by Friday, March 19th and we’ll hold some ammo for you.

It’s not cheap ammo ($37.05/box of 50 rounds) but we have some if you need it. We’ll hold ammo until Friday, March 19th and we will release any unspoken for ammo after that date.