As the saying goes, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” We’re just lookin out for you here, so check out this list of our Top 9 Best Mother’s Day Gifts!

#9 – Ammo

If you want to stay within budget and make sure you’re giving Mom a gift that she’ll really use, ammunition is the answer. Of course, there’s a tricky part with this… you have to know what caliber(s) of firearm(s) she has.

#8 – Ear Pro

Better ear protection can make you a better shooter. Did you know that? For real though, get mom some decent ear pro like these and you won’t regret it.

Personally, I LOVE my electronic Howard Leighton muffs. They’re electronic ear muffs that amplify ambiant sound and then they block out the sound when it reaches a certain decible level. So basically, you can hear like you would without them on when folks are talking but it blocks out the loud noises (like a gun shot) when it reaches a certain decible level. It’s righteous.

If ear muffs are not your jam, or you need something different for long gun shooting because the muffs get in the way, try these little Surefire guys out. They’re only $12.50 a pair, they are reusable AND they have a little port that opens up so you can leave one partially open to hear conversation better… you know, if you want to.

#7 – Range Bag

Moms are all about efficiency… seriously, if you have to take more than one trip, that’s a complete failure. If you love your mama, get her something that helps her be successful like one of these range bags. They fit SO MUCH STUFF in them and they make you feel like you have your life together because you have everything with you when you need it. These VooDoo Tactical Range Bags rock because they have a removable insert that is basically two bags in one. It has two built in handgun sleeves with a divider in each, allowing for at least 4 handguns to be carried safely in the bag. But wait, there’s more! They also have mag holders inside as well as a large compartment to fit ammunition, bug spray, staples, sun screen, ear pro… I mean really, all the essentials.

#6 – Dual Gun Case

For the same reason you probably should be getting mom the range bag, you should probably be getting her the dual gun case too. We love these VooDoo Tactical gun cases because, really, who only brings one gun when you go to the range? That’s basically a waste of a trip. And, we only have so many hands, so having multiple gun cases with can be cumbersome. This bad boy is the perfect solution. It’s also covered in moly so you can add additional pouches for magazines, ammuntition and more. Your firearms strap securely in to each side of the case and a padded divider seperates the two firearms keeping them snug as a bug in a rug.

#5 – Undertech Concealment Tank

Mama Bears are all about protecting their own and sometimes that means you need a better carry option; enter the Undertech Undercover Concealment Tank Top. These tank tops offer a compression fit and are super great for the mom that is active. Whether she’s working out, gardening, running, chasing toddlers around… whatever! It is a comfortable, versitile carry option that fits a variety of carry guns.

#4 – Membership to the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club + Defensive Pistol League

You know that you stress your mama out. Don’t pretend. Help her relieve some of that stress in a healthy, safe way by getting her a membership to the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club. It’s that little slice of paradise on the West side of Redwood Falls that everyone’s been talking about! The Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club is an outdoor range boasting spaces for archery, rifle (50 yard, 100 yard, 200/300 yard), two trap houses and three pistol bays. Both the rifle and pistol ranges have at least one or two steel setups as well. Pick up a $45 membership online or in store at RVAA.

In addition, Defensive Pistol League is back this year! Mom can come out and shoot two stages the first and third Tuesday of each month starting in May. Pay online on the Redwood Sportsmen’s Club website or the night of. Registration opens at 5:30pm.

#3 – New Carry Purse

Some of us moms are suckers for a beautiful bag. BUT, they have to be functional too or what’s the point. Having said that, we’re in love with these beautiful Chameleon concealed carry purses. I mean, just look at that beautiful, soft, carmel leather!?!

#2 – Targets

You can’t go wrong with targets. If mama has space to put up targets on her own land, grab her some of our AR500 steel targets from the shop! Made by local vendor, Opie’s Heavy Metal Works out of Vesta, MN, these bad boys give you instant feedback and can take a beating!

#1 – Undertech Concealed Carry Leggings

These are the OG concealed carry leggings and they know what they’re doing. I bought a pair when they first came out… 4 or 5 years ago… and they’re still is super great condition. I wear them all the time. If your mom is a leggings type of gal, you need to hook her up with a pair of these bad boys. They are not ambidexterous but you can carry either small of the back or appendix carry with them.

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