April 2020 Cottonwood River Gobblers Gun Calendar Winners

A big thank you to everyone who supported this local non-profit in their mission to support conservation and support our hunting heritage! Without further adiu, here are the lucky winners of guns in April!

DateGunWinning NumberName
4/1/2020CZ Drake 12ga779Dana Youngerberg
4/3/2020Tikka T3x Wood 3082019Dick Scharfencamp
4/6/2020CVA Optima1255Brad Lunz
4/8/2020Ruger 10/22 Black Syn 22lr1941Scott Clubes
4/10/2020Remington 870 12ga147William Dain
4/13/2020Henry H001L 22lr1271Jody Schwnke
4/15/2020Mossberg 500 All Purpose 12ga1121Jim Fischer
4/17/2020Browning Buckmark Camper SFU 22lr1056John Hubert
4/20/2020Rock Island Armory Baby Rock 3801626Greg Lindbeck
4/22/2020Tristar Cobra II Black 12ga2204Packard Campbell
4/24/2020Remington 783 308103Justin Goldencrown
4/27/2020Savage 93R17 SR 17HMR265Bill Rogotzke
4/29/2020Mossberg Shockwave 20ga1279Alex Windschitl


Congratulations to our April winners! Please be sure to contact River Valley Arms & Ammo within 30 days to arrange for pickup.