Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

It has already begun. Inboxes and mailboxes alike are being flooded with Black Friday ads and Cyber Monday bargains. Take it from a guy who has “had” to leave family functions to get a jump on the bargains, and stood in line in single digit temps for hours to hold a place, only to find out I was number XXX in line, and the one thing I wanted was gone by the time I got there, the big box stores and the crowds are over rated.

In 2009, American Express started an idea, called “Small Business Saturday.” Wedged in between the two major shopping days, it is a simple concept, of not only shopping local, but, shopping small. Support those that support you and your business. What Small Business Saturday doesn’t have is a plethora of ads crammed down your throat and the typical long lines waiting to get into a closed store. What they do have is the same great folks that pride themselves on service and gratitude, repeat customers, and doing the right thing. Are there deals to be found? Absolutely! Check out these deals from River Valley Arms and Ammo and shop local, skip the lines, and yes… we have Black Friday deals too. Remember to check us out on Facebook, smash the “like” button and stay up to date with deals, news, and wildlife photos.

We have lots of stocking stuffers for men and women alike, many coming in under $30.00. Who doesn’t like quality apparel? Hats, shirts, caps, 1/4 zips, vests, in a variety of colors, there is something for everyone.

We wouldn’t be a gun store if we didn’t have some guns specifically for the holidays. First on the list, the Smith & Wesson M&P “Shield 380EZ.” Chambered in the .380, this gun features a slide that is built for anyone to be able to manipulate with ease. Some people struggle with racking the slide, and Smith and Wesson addressed it with this build. Small, lightweight, striker fired and light recoil, this gun is worth a hard look for anyone who carries, likes to shoot, or wants a home defense gun. Come check it out! Next up, how about a rifle? Not just a rifle, but, a Thompson Center “Compass” and it’s not in some obscure caliber to get rid of old inventory. It’s is in arguably the most popular round on the planet, the 6.5 Creedmoor. Great deer hunter, predator hunter, or just something to shoot steel with, this is hard to pass up at regular price, and impossible to at this price. Come check it out, and we can help you find the right scope, mounts and sling for it while you are here. Lastly, if you are looking for a home defense shotgun, look no further. The Mossberg “Shockwave Nightstick” is a short barreled, bird head gripped shotgun. The grip is designed to reduce felt recoil, and is unique for sure. 

Hawke Optics has been around for 15 years and it too is a family run business. We have a little of everything in the line up, including binoculars, spotting scopes, scopes for crossbows, rifles and airguns alike, and the mounts to go with them. Time for new optics for your old rifle? Happy to help you find the right one for your needs and answer any questions.

Next on this list, we have a couple of flashlight options at 70% percent off. Yep, you read that right. I said 70%! I am a flashlight freak. I keep one in my first aid kit, blind bag, tacklebox, night stand, fish house…. A good, QUALITY flashlight is worth its weight in gold, and with a name brand like Blackhawk, you know this one is stellar. I simply don’t leave hunting or fishing without one. Not only do they make the trip more enjoyable, if things go south, they can literally be a lifesaver. Don’t know what to get your long lost uncle whose name you drew? Pick up a Blackhawk flashlight. Need a stocking stuffer? I can’t think of a better one!

This is a brief list. Come in and check it out. Not sure what to get? How about signing a loved one up for their permit to carry class? Some defensive pistol training? If all else fails, everyone wears a size Glock. I am about due for a new one myself if someone would pass that on to Santa. Thanks for shopping local, not just on Small Business Saturday, but, all year. We appreciate our loyal customers, and would love to meet new ones.