The final week of Defensive Pistol League is upon us! Here are the stages and scores from Week 4.

Make Up Night

We’ll be hosting a make up night on Tuesday, September 24th. We’ll try to squeeze in all four stages and do a grill out afterwards. If you need to make up stages, please be there and be prepared to start promptly at 6p as it’s going to be tight to squeeze all 4 weeks of stages in before the sun goes down!

Stage 1

Start behind the line and engage each of the three targets with at least two rounds. Move to either the right or left of the barricades without crossing over the lines on the box on the ground and engage each of the three targets with at least two rounds. Move to the other side of the barricades and engage each of the three targets with at least to rounds each. One mandatory magazine change is required.

Stage 2

Start from a standing position. At the buzzer, drop to one or both knees and engage the steel targets with at least one round each until they are hit. Then move towards the second shooting position, move the 2×4 to engage the swinging target and engage each of the other 3 targets with at least two rounds each in any order. Stop time. At the buzzer, engage the first target with two rounds and then move to the second position towards the front of the barricade and engage each of the next three targets with at least two rounds each.


1Justin M.23.35023.3521.41122.4145.76
2Zach A.22.75123.7521.84829.8453.59
3Ryan B.24.911135.9126.06430.0665.97
4Jason J.29.59635.5932.51840.5176.1
5Larry W.32.26840.2633.4538.478.66
6Steve A.33.48841.4826.71541.783.18
7Gene B.40.52848.5231.41243.491.92
8Amy C.52.01153.0136.2440.293.21
9Paul F.38.08846.0841.07748.0794.15
10Stephen T.38195723.641538.6495.64
11Brandy K.21.023051.0225.392348.3999.41
12Damon D.42.932264.9338.061856.06120.99
13Ashley K.36.782965.7841.681758.68124.46
14Steve W.56.71965.7153.97558.97124.68
15Tom E.52.04961.0443.832063.83124.87
16Heather K.61.81576.833.721750.72127.52
17Rae F.51.74152.7484.6286.6139.34
18George T.61.7442103.746245107210.74
19George M.133.6553186.65194.421215.4402.05