We’re stoked to be partnering with Tim Herron to bring you this Practical Performance Handgun course April 13th & 14th, 2019 at the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. 

About Tim Herron

In order to fully appreciate how awesome it is that Tim Herron is coming to River Valley Arms & Ammo in little ole Morton, MN… population 411… I feel like you need to know a little more about Tim. Here are just a few of his accolades (according to his website):

Tim Herron is a USPSA Grand Master in both Single Stack and Limited division, with experience in defensive shooting, IDPA, Steel Challenge, bullseye and target shooting, Bianchi, and the occasional trick shot.

Titles include, but are not limited to:

  • 2018- New Mexico High Desert Classic Single Stack Champion
  • 2018-Illinois Sectional Single Stack Champion
  • 2018-Kansas Sectional Single Stack Champion
  • 2018-3rd overall USPSA Single Stack Classic Nationals
  • 2018-3rd overall USPSA Battle in the Bluegrass
  • 2017- Top 16 USPSA Single Stack National Championships
  • 2014, 2017- USPSA Area 4 HOA SS Division Champion
  • 2014, 2016-USPSA Area 3 HOA SS Division Champion
  • 2013-2017- 5 time MO State USPSA Single Stack Champion

Holy-freakin-moly… am I right? And just to drive the point home a little further, you’re probably going to want to watch this video of him shooting at the 2018 USPSA Factory Gun Nationals…


Tim Herron is a grand master and professional competitive handgun shooter who currently competes at the top national level of USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). Tim has been instructing and coaching shooters from “brand new” to “top level” throughout his career and has a fantastic ability to diagnose, convey and articulate information in a way that is easy to grasp, understand and put into action.

Why Take This Course

We thought it would be a great time to bring Mr. Herron in to our area for a few reasons:

  1. Competition Tips – duh
    We’re part of a local group of people who are starting a Defensive Handgun Pistol League in conjunction with the Redwood Falls Sportsmen’s Club. What better way to learn about competition shooting than from the pros?!
  2. You can always be better
    You can always improve your defensive handgun skills to better protect yourself and your family. If you have a permit to carry, this class is for you.

What the Class Covers

Class size is limited to 8-12 students wanting to enhance their overall skill set to better respond to dynamic situations while employing a handgun. Improving both accuracy at speed, as well as improved weapons handling to increase proficiency and safety.

Class will cover skills and techniques of performance shooting, including the following:
1. Importance of trigger control and sight management and the effects of grip tension when shooting
2. Techniques for how to shoot both fast AND accurately
3. Proper draw, reload and manipulation techniques
4. Strong hand and support hand only (1 handed shooting)
5. Engaging multiple targets and transitions
6. Importance of having gun up, ready to shoot ALWAYS
7. Moving quickly and effectively with a pistol

Small class size ensures Tim has the opportunity to evaluate and work with each student individually, so that students can get guidance in the areas they need it most.

This Two day class cost is $412 payable to River Valley Arms and Ammo. Full payment and registration required by March 11th to guarantee your spot, as class size is limited for this highly sought after opportunity! Register online here.