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30 Gifts Under $30 for the Firearms Enthusiast

30 Gifts Under $30 for the Firearms Enthusiast

I always struggle with what to get my family for Christmas… and then the week after Christmas I have the MOST AMAZING IDEAS of what to get them next year… but why would I do something smart like write them down? Stop killing me with your logic, Susan.

Anyway, if you’re in the same boat that I’m always in, this might be of some use to you. Here are thirty gifts under thirty dollars for the gun lover in your life. Whether that person likes hunting, just going to the range or really just likes to buy guns and make them into safe queens (you know, the guy who buys the pretty guns and takes them out of the safe every so often to pet them?), your gun person isn’t going to be mad if you get them something on this list.

Skull Hooker at RVAA in Morton MN30. Skull Hooker Quick Mount Bracket

For $27.29, the Skull Hooker is a quick and easy way to display a european mount! This is a great gift or stocking stuffer for the hunter in your life.

Glock Mags at RVAA in Morton MN29. Extra Mags

Anyone who shoots — whether they’re a hunter or a sport shooter — can use extra mags. The only tricky part with this one is that you need to know the Manufacturer, Model and Caliber of the firearm you’re purchasing an extra magazine for. The Manufacturer, Model and Caliber will be stamped on the barrel of the firearm, you just might have peek at it in the middle of the night! Magazines can range anywhere from $15 to over $100 but most of the common ones will come in around that $30 mark.

Ruger Pepper Spray at RVAA in Morton MN28. Ruger Pepper Spray

Ruger Pepper Spray is actually a great gift for anyone. Go out running alone? Headed off to college? Walking down the street shopping? Pick up a keychain or pocket pepper spray for $14.99 while supplies last!

Richardson Hats at RVAA in Morton MN27. RVAA Baseball Hat

We love these Richardson Hats. I call them trucker hats but I suppose they sound fancier if you call them a Richardson Hat. They’re in stock now in a few different variations and at $20, they make a great gift or stocking stuffer!

Fobus Holsters at RVAA in Morton MN26. Fobus Outside-the-Waistband Kydex Holster

This gift is for the handgun lover in your life. It’s always nice to have an outside the waistband kydex (plastic) holster for range time. You don’t have to worry about the more flexible leather options closing while you’re trying to reholster and they click in so you know when they’re fully seated and secured. They range in price from $24.50 to $37.95 based on the model of the handgun so, yes, this one is a little tricker too because you need to know the Manufacturer, Model and Caliber of the handgun you’re purchasing the holster for.

JCAA Ammo at RVAA in Morton MN (3)25. JCAA Ammo 45acp

You may have already noticed but we’re partial to JCAA Ammunition. They’re a Minnesota company that makes kicka$$ ammo. It’s super clean, super accurate and helps you become a better shooter, seriously. You’ll see us mention JCAA a few times in this list because you CANNOT go wrong buying the firearms lover in your life ammo… especially if you’re buying them JCAA. Their 45acp is available at River Valley Arms & Ammo for $25.50 so stop in and pick some up!

VooDoo Med Kit at RVAA in Morton MN

24. Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit

Everyone, not just firearms enthusiasts, everyone should have access medical kit. I keep one in my car. I choose to used a beefed up version of this Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit because it comes in a nice, small little pouch that I can fit anywhere. Every time I go to the range, every time I hit the stand, the med kit comes with. You just never know when it might come in handy. This is a great way to show someone you care about them and it’s only $29.95.

CAT Tourniqut at RVAA in Morton MN23. CAT Tourniquet

One of the items that is in my beefed up Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit is one of these bad boys — a CAT Tourniquet. It’s tough to find tourniquets without paying an arm and a leg for them. We have them in stock at RVAA for $29.00.

Voodoo Dump Pouch at RVAA in Morton MN22. Voodoo Tactical Dump Pouch

For some reason, us range rats seem to have extra crap we carry around with us all the time… like spent brass, staple guns, tacks and other random crap. The Voodoo Tactical Dump Pouches are AWESOME for that because you can cinche them for times where you have tacks or spent brass in them or open them up for larger items like a staple gun. And, at $16.95, you can probably pick up a present for yourself too!

Dehumidifier at RVAA in Morton MN21. SnapSafe Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Most of the gun lovers I know have a safe. As many people know, firearms have two enemies; politicians and rust. I can’t really help you do anything about the first one but this little guy, the SnapSafe Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier, is great to help prevent the second one. These little things are $14.99 and work great in both safes that have an internal outlet and those that don’t!

RVAA Decals at RVAA in Morton MN20. RVAA Decal

You can be in the cool kids club too with a River Valley Arms & Ammo decal! We love seeing all these little guys out there on the back of your trucks, mom-mobiles and gun cases. 🙂 It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So I guess you’re more doing us a favor by giving a RVAA decal but, ’tis the season for giving right?

Sling at RVAA in Morton MN19.  The Claw Sling

The Claw Slings are great for hunters because of their no-slip rubber padding. The rubber pad helps distribute the weight of the firearm so your shoulder doesn’t hurt on that long hike to the stand AND it keeps it from falling off your shoulder too! Win-win! These range in price based on the pattern you choose but the one in the image here is $17.99.

Gun Cases at RVAA in Morton MN18.  Pitbull Tactical Gun Case

Gun cases are always a great gift too. I love giving (and receiving) gun cases with extra pockets on the outside. It’s nice when you can consolidate bags you’re bringing to the range so you don’t look like you’re moving out there… I guess that wouldn’t be so bad… I digress — it’s nice when you can jump right to the shooting and not have to haul so many bags out to the range. This Pitbull Tactical Gun Case even fits AR platforms with optics for $25.99.

UpLULA Speed Loader at RVAA in Morton MN17. MagLuLa Speed Loader

I love these little guys. Now, this one is over $30 but it’s so close and it’s so awesome, I decided it was worth it to break the $30 rule so we could include it in this list. The Maglula Speed Loader is $32.49 and it’s a universal speed loader. Yep, it will load pretty much ANY handgun mag from 9mm-45acp. No longer will the gun lover in your life complain that their thumb hurts from loading magazines! 

Ear Pro at RVAA in Morton MN16. Surefire Sonic Defender Ear Protection

This is perfect ear protection for people who don’t like ear muffs. They are sized in small, medium and large and have a little… plug thingy (that’s the technical term) on them to allow for sound to move through or not! You could easily leave one side open and close the side closest to your firearm so you could still hear people talking normally on the range but have the sound cancel out on your firearm side. Bonus, they’re only $12.99.

Range Belts at RVAA in Morton MN15. 5.11 Range Belt

Range belts are an awesome gift. Why would someone need a range belt you ask? Range belts generally have more rigidity than “regular” belts allowing for the holster and magazines to stay where you intend for them to stay on your waistline. We carry these 5.11 Tactical belts in FDE and Black for only $17.99 each.

JCAA Ammo at RVAA in Morton MN (4)14. JCAA Ammo 223

Oh look! JCAA Ammo again! Even more common of a caliber than the 45acp, 223 ammo is a great gift. You can give a box of 50 rounds of the awesome JCAA 223 Remington 55 grain soft points for only $24.50. You’re welcome.

RVAA Apparrel at RVAA in Morton MN13. RVAA T-shirt

You guys, these t-shirts are SO SOFT. I don’t really feel like I need to even say any more about them except that they’re $15. Come in and buy one for yourself too… trust me.

Lucas Gun Oil at RVAA in Morton MN12. Lucas Gun Oil

Lucas Gun Oil is the bomb-diggity. It’s the gun oil that my dad uses and therefore is the gun oil I use. 🙂 In case you didn’t know, my dad is Steve. He only likes the good stuff. If you bring in a broken gun, he’s the guy that fixes it here. Pretty sure you can trust his judgement in gun oil… or not! Find out for yourself — it’s only $3.99 a bottle.

Hoppes No 9 Solvent at RVAA in Morton MN11. Hoppe’s #9 Solvent

Pretty sure you can’t go wrong with Hoppe’s #9. Also, they should make a cologne out of this stuff. But really, anyone who shoots eventually needs to clean their guns and this is a great, trusted solvent option that won’t break the bank. Get a 5oz bottle at RVAA for $4.99.

Thunderbolt 22lr at RVAA in Morton MN10. Remington Thunderbolts 22lr

Most anyone with firearms has a 22 long rifle in their collection somewhere, whether it’s a handgun or a rifle. We took advantage of a special buy on 500 count Remington Thunderbolt 22lr packs which are normally $36 — they’re on sale until 12/25/18 for only $18.00 each! This is a great gift that every member of the family can enjoy!

Waterproof Flashlight at RVAA in Morton MN9. Night Stick Tactical Fire Light

Know someone who’s hard on their flashlights? This polymer, waterproof light is only $24.99 and is 180 lumens! With the bright orange color, it makes for a great hunting flashlight because you can see it when you drop it on the ground even if it’s not on. 🙂

NanoVault at RVAA in Morton MN8. NanoVault 200

Know someone who carries or just someone who could use another place to store their handgun? The NanoVault 200 is a great lock box that’s perfect for a trunk or cabled under a car seat. This simple lock box allows someone to stow their handgun in their vehicle legally when they unload their firearm and lock it in the box rendering it un-accessible to unauthorized people. Pick one up for $28.99 at RVAA.

Stocking Hats at RVAA in Morton MN7. RVAA Stocking Hat

We have a variety of great knit stocking hats — black, gray, green — for only $11! These make great stocking stuffers!

Desantis Inside the Waistband Holster at RVAA in Morton MN6. Desantis Sof-Tuck Holster

One of our staff favorites, the Desantis Sof-Tuck Holster, is a great gift coming in under $30 at $25.50. We carry them in stock for both left handed and right handed shooters. They’re a great little suede inside-the-waistband holster that you can wear appendix carry, 3 o’clock or small of the back. You will need to know the Manufacturer, Model and Caliber of the handgun to pick one of these up as they are fitted to the firearm.

Gun Cleaning Boresnakes at RVAA in Morton MN5. BoreSnake

BoreSnakes a super great gift for the gun lover. You use a BoreSnake to clean a firearm instead of the traditional brushes and patches. It’s faster, cleaner and easier to clean your barrel. These are caliber specific and they come in different lengths designed for handgun or long gun so you’ll need to know the Caliber and type of firearm (handgun or long gun). They range in price from $11.99 to $18.99.

JCAA Ammo at RVAA in Morton MN4. JCAA Ammunition 9mm

Oh look! JCAA — AGAIN! As you’ve heard from us three times now, we love the clean, accurate ammo that JCAA makes and you’re supporting a Minnesota company by purchasing it — which is just an added bonus in my book. 9mm is the most popular handgun caliber that we sell at River Valley Arms & Ammo. JCAA makes both range rounds (50 count box for $17.50) and personal defense rounds (50 count box for $32.89). 

Rusteproofe Solvent at RVAA in Morton MN3. Rusteprufe Solvent

Rusteprufe is a great gift for any gun lover. I would highly suggest getting both the applicator wipe and the solvent. The applicator wipe is basically a shammie with the solvent on it. It works AMAZING for wiping down your firearms to remove dust, fingerprints, oil and more… and, it makes them all pretty and shiny… can’t go wrong with that! We originally started carrying them because my dad purchased one at a gun show a million years ago (before we even had the gun shop) and has used the same wipe for probably close to 20 years. So when we opened the gun shop and people would ask what we use to clean our firearms, this was always a part of the answer. The solvent is what you use when your wipe starts to get a little dry. You put a few more drops of solvent on the pad that sits at the bottom of the jar and — voila — good as new again! The solvent is only $4.99.

>> Order Rusteprufe Solvent

Rusteproof Gun Wipe at RVAA in Morton MN2. Rusteprufe Applicator Wipe

As I mentioned before, this is one of our River Valley Arms & Ammo favorites. I’m pretty sure everyone on staff here uses the Rusteprufe Applicator Wipe on their firearms at home… and we have several we use in the shop too. These wipes are super durable (see previous story in Rusteprufe Solvent section) and they are only $10.99 making it the ultimate stocking stuffer.

>> Order Rusteprufe Applicator Wipe

Nebo Light at RVAA in Morton MN1. Nebo Rechargeable, Magnetic Light with Clip

The Nebo Rechargeable, Magnetic Light with Clip is another shop favorite. We had several hunters purchase these for themselves this deer season because you can easily clip them on your overalls and walk into the stand with your hands free to focus on your firearm. They come in three colors black, silver and red and are 500 lumens! All that in one little flashlight for $24.99!


And, of course, if all else fails — there’s always a gift certificate! Those are always the right size. 🙂 Merry Christmas friends.