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RVAA Personal Defense Sale

RVAA Personal Defense Sale

Get the right equipment to protect yourself and your family. Stop in to River Valley Arms & Ammo in Morton, Minnesota to find the right fit for you. The right firearm. The right holster. The right tools.

The Right Firearm

Every person is different. Just because you’re a female doesn’t mean that if you pick up a cute little “girl gun” that it’s going to fit properly. Just because your friend has a Judge and loves it doesn’t mean that it’s the right firearm for you or for what you’re looking to use it for. Stop in, handle some firearms, and find the right fit for you. 

The Right Holster

At River Valley Arms & Ammo, you can actually try on the holsters we have here in the store to see how they fit for you. Not sure what kind of holster you want for everyday carry? Stop in and try some out. 

The goal is to find one holster that works for most times you’ll be carrying. Let’s be real, you’re not going to find a holster that works for EVERYTHING. You don’t wear your slippers to go feed the cows. You need different tools for different jobs and a holster is just a tool. Try a few on, see what’s comfortable for you and what you think will work – MOST OF THE TIME. After you get that secured, it’s a lot easier to holster shop because you are looking for a more specific tool. 

The Right Tools

After you figure out what’s going to work for you, now you need to take them home and practice. Why not make that part a little less painful (and expensive) and get something that’s on sale. Check out some of the items we have on our Personal Defense Sale below then stop in to see us!