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13 Stocking Stuffers for the Gun Lover on Your List

13 Stocking Stuffers for the Gun Lover on Your List

First of all, if you’re buying all of these things (or even some of them) for stocking stuffers, I want to be in your family because some of these items could easily be considered fantastic full-blown gifts. Having said that, here are 13 stocking stuffer ideas for the gun lover on your list!

Good Ammo

 First thing’s first. Ammo is expensive when you shoot a lot so EVERY gun lover appreciates the gift of happiness and that is good ammo. Please note the key term here, good. To a certain extent, I can understand you thinking, “you’ll take whatever I give you and you’ll like it!” But let’s be real. I paid hard earned money for my guns and I want them to last. Part of that means not shooting junk through your gun. So, if you want to give the gift of good ammo this year, stop in to the shop and talk to us. We’ll probably be telling you to buy JCAA. Just a heads up.

Electronic Muffs

On the off chance your gun lover doesn’t already have these, you’ll score some serious brownie points with these bad boys. These Howard Leighton Electronic Muffs are our favorites because you can go to the range (or field) and still hear others talk like you weren’t even wearing hearing protection. But then, when the trigger is pulled, it deafens the sound. It. Is. Awesome. They come in a bunch of different colors too so it’s good for both the women gun lovers and men!

Rusteprufe Applicator Wiper

As you may have heard, the two biggest enemies of guns are politicians and rust. We can’t do a whole lot about the politicians this Christmas but we can help you prevent the rust. We absolutely love these Rusteprufe shammies. They have a little bit of solvent and oil on them to remove fingerprints, moisture and other junk you don’t want on your guns. They’re made out of what I call a shammy cloth so they don’t leave fibers on your gun either. They’re refillable and super cheap. Win-win. Plus, what gun lover doesn’t like to pet their guns?!

Permit to Carry Class

If your gun lover doesn’t have their permit to carry, trust me, they want it. However, in the state of Minnesota, it’s a time commitment and a financial one to take the course and apply for your permit. One important thing to note, not all permit to carry courses are created equal. The BCA doesn’t give instructors curriculum, instructors create their own curriculum and submit it for approval. However, the guidelines are very  non-specific and there isn’t someone that audits the courses to ensure they’re being taught accordingly. So, do yourself a favor and make sure you’re getting a class with good instructors. *Shameless Plug* River Valley Arms & Ammo offers MN Permit to Carry classes every month as well as private classes for groups of 4 or more students.

Intro to Defensive Handgun Class

Maybe your gun lover already has their permit to carry and they’re awesome so they want more training. The Intro to Defensive Handgun class is a fantastic option. This course is 6 hours of all range time. Instructor, Marcel Krueger, offers students the opportunity to dive into defensive handgun drills and ensures they’re not developing bad habits. This course is only $75!

Quick Access Safe

Gun lovers are all about safety. Your gun lover will also love having quick access to their personal defense firearm in their own home. There are a variety of reliable quick access safes on the market, you just have to find the right fit for the space you want to put it in! Here are a few options:


Gun lovers are all about safety. Oh, you’ve heard this before? Same story, different ending. Many gun lovers choose to carry. If your gun lover is one of them consider getting them a lockbox for their vehicle. A lockbox keeps unauthorized persons away from the firearm if you need or want to leave your gun in the vehicle. For example, if you are a permit holder who goes out with friends, you may want to enjoy a cocktail. You also may want to secure your gun in the vehicle at that point. Lockboxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are typically under $35.

Voodoo Tactical Rifle Case

Voodoo Tactical makes some really nice stuff at very reasonable prices. Personally, I love their deluxe weapons case. You can fit two long guns in there and there’s padding and straps to separate them and secure them in place. Good lord, we don’t want to scuff up our babies! There’s also plenty of space for extra mags and ammo so you can take a trip to the range with just one bag instead of the whole house.

AR500 Sihouette

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Steel targets make awesome gifts because they give the sportsman instant feedback and are reusable. AR500 plate steel will withstand a beating from many calibers at many distances. Just make sure you’re being safe with the distance you’re shooting from and the angle your target is set at. We don’t want to worry about ricochets! 

Gun Cleaning Snakes

The worst part about gun cleaning is all the messy patches and the brush sets. If your gun lover is anything like me they wish they were a bit more organized. If that’s the case, Hoppe’s Boresnakes are the answer. No more dealing with all the missing pieces and mess from the universal cleaning kit. These bad boys are a bore brush and patch all-in-one. They are caliber specific so you’ll have to know that before looking to purchase one but your gun lover is going to love these!

Extra Magazines

Like ammo, you can never have enough magazines. And folks, they’re mags or magazines, not clips. A clip is something else. 

Clip vs Mag

Moving on. The only downside to getting your gun lover extra mags is that you’ll need to know the manufacturer, model and caliber of the firearm you’re buying for. 


Gun lovers love gear. Pick up your gun lover some RVAA swag this year! Stocking hats, tshirts, baseball hats, sweatshirts and more all have our sweet logo on them!

Gift Card to RVAA

It just wouldn’t be a complete list if you didn’t have a gift card on it. Everyone likes to pick out their own stuff!