Rules & Regs for February 4th-5th MWCA Gun Show at Jackpot Junction in Morton, MN

The Minnesota Weapons Collector Association (MWCA) is hosting a Gun Show this weekend (February 4th & 5th, 2017) at Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel in Morton, Minnesota. Many folks are curious as to how this will work in regards to carrying and/or transporting a firearm on a sovereign nation and specifically in the casino itself. We’ve been doing some investigating to find accurate information and ensure that both attendees and vendors alike know what the rules and regulations are. 

Lower Sioux Indian CommunityFirearms On a Sovereign Nation

Carrying or transporting a firearm on a sovereign nation is much the same as doing this off a sovereign nation in that you must follow that nation’s rules when you are on that nation’s property. As soon as you step off that nation’s property, you’re required to follow the rules of wherever you are at that point (county, city, township, etc). 

The Lower Sioux Indian Community chooses to enforce the Minnesota carry laws as written in the statute. So, bonus for those who have a MN Permit to Carry, you don’t have to learn a new set a laws in order to be law abiding on the Lower Sioux reservation!

Firearms at Jackpot Junction

Jackpot Junction Casino HotelJackpot Junction Casino Hotel does not allow firearms or weapons of any kind in the casino. This is posted at every entrance of the establishment thereby not allowing you to carry in the building. 

For the purposes of this weekend’s gun show, they are allowing attendees to bring in a firearm to the DESIGNATED AREA (the convention center, not the casino) as long as you use the designated entrance. The firearm must be unloaded and enclosed in a case before entering the building and your firearm will be checked and secured before entering the show.

So to recap:

  • No firearms in the casino.
  • You are allowed to bring a firearm to sell but not to carry.
  • You must use the designated gun show entrance.
  • That firearm must be enclosed in a case while transporting it to the show from your vehicle and back.
  • Every firearm will be cleared at the show door.

Other Information

  • Admission is $5 per person (cash only)
  • Show Hours: Saturday 8a – 5p and Sunday 9a – 3p
  • No one under the age of 18 will be admitted to a show unless accompanied by a supervising and responsible adult. (Parents are preferred.) There is no admission charge for 12 and under.
  • The Designated Entrance for the Gun Show is located outside behind the Dacotah Exposition Center.

MWCA Gun Show Feb 4-5, 2017